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Welcome to MAD, Madrid Digital Arts, a place that is turning the emblematic Nave 16 at Matadero Madrid into one of the leading European centres for immersive experiences.

A revolutionary centre for digital cultural development that invites you to experience art, history and culture in a unique way.


There’s a new world waiting to be discovered. 2,000 square meters blending art with the most innovative science and technology to offer completely different experiences to anything you’ve seen so far. Nothing will ever be the same again.

MAD provides a unique, bona fide space in Madrid. During each visit, you’ll be able to travel through time and space. You can delve into the magical world of artists, visiting amazing locations without having to leave your town or you can travel back 2,000 years in time. Soon, virtual reality will offer some new and incredible adventures for you. Shall we begin?


2,000 M2 of facilities

Madrid Digital Arts boasts 1,200 m2 of immersive digital reality screens, a 300 m2 interactive room and a large exhibition room, making the largest digital experiences centre.


One key aspect that really makes MAD stand out is its specific area dedicated to latest-generation virtual reality stations. This centre has the largest number of virtual reality stations in Europe.


Facilities that experiment with immersion through the digital arts and innovative tools. MAD Lab artistic residency, innovative sound effects and the very latest in audiovisual projectors adapted for this new experience concept.


Give MAD, take a trip through time and space, choose between 15€ and 30€. The person who receives this gift can consume it during the usual ticket purchase process of any of our exhibitions.

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