3 hours

MAD, Madrid Artes Digitales celebrated the European Day of Music with an innovative audiovisual proposal with music.

MAD LIVE SESSIONS, this time by the collective Jokkoo and immersive projections generated in real time by visual artists Jordi Massó and Marcel Bago.

Jokkoo is a musical artistic collective that was born with the intention and the need to investigate and disseminate the most contemporary electronic sound and the avant-garde scene of the African continent and its diaspora. Baba Sy and MobDj, invited us to explore from urban house, to gcom through kwaito or afro-disco.

Jordi Massó and Marcel Bago, visual artists specialized in videomapping and real-time visuals, introduced us to an immersive visual journey thanks to the creation of a unique and totally innovative scene.


Below, you can enjoy some images of the show in the MAD LIVE SESSIONS gallery.

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